Vectors in Photoshop

The use of vector tools in Photoshop is already a success. The vector tools act as the bridge between Photoshop and Illustrator. These tools have been used for a couple of years to create crop masks with sharp edges, as well as storing and using them for creating layer masks or simply for InDesign- clipping masks for another apps. It is very possible to create vector shapes of different kinds in order to obtain sharp edges, however, as a way to keep vector properties the files have to be saved in proper format such psd, .eps. When vector graphics are scaled, the edges remain crisp and sharp no matter the size.

One unique feature about vectors is that they are usually math based. This implies that they can be described by paths and points. In so doing, they become absolutely scalable and really valuable for making things such as logos. Most of the things made in Photoshop are pixel based. With regard to vector graphics, it is worth pointing that they can be easily scaled, though the edges will always remain crisp and sharp. This is notwithstanding of the size of the graphics. It is interesting to mention that most of the vector tools are significantly improved. Nonetheless, a special scenario occurs when working with type and logos. This demands that they be created in Illustrator, a vector-based program, and thereafter taken into Photoshop preferably as a Smart Object.

Sprinter Van Conversion

How to Remove Rusty Anchor Points in a Mercedes Sprinter

Equipment I Used

The main bit of kit was the grinder.

Given I used to be a tradesman, I tend to go for branded kit as it is generally longer lasting.

In the end I felt like I balanced a bit of cost and quality and I went for the Bosch Professional GWS 7-115 Corded 110 V Angle Grinder

I also used some pliers to remove the cut metal without burning my fingers as it get pretty hot while cutting.

Draper Redline 67925 160 mm Combination Pliers with Soft Grip Handles

That was all the kit needed when using brute force and ignorance to cut them out. 🙂