Vectors in Photoshop


These arelines and shapes used to maintain the sharpness of an image after it is rendered to a larger size

Vector Shapes

Vector shapes are usually illustrated by lines, shapes, and other image components stored in a format that incorporates geometric formulas for resizing the image elements.

The vector shape is created by defining points and curves. When vector graphics are scaled, the edges remain crisp and sharp no matter the size.


A path can be defined as a simple line with anchor points at either end. This line can be straight or curved depending on how it’s made. Paths can either be open or closed.  Closed paths are made so by creating the anchor point at the end  over the top of the first anchor point, thus closing the shape.

Pen tool

This is tool used to define anchor points as well as manipulate the curves in relation to the an hour points. They can be defined as path creators.

Freeform Pen tool

Freeform pen tool is a type of pen tool  which allows easy drawing of vectors and shapes. It makes work easier by automatically adding anchor points.

Options bar

The option bar is found below the menu bar of the Photoshop window and it’s main function is to adjust the settings for the currently active tool. 


Vectors in Photoshop

The use of vector tools in Photoshop is already a success. The vector tools act as the bridge between Photoshop and Illustrator. These tools have been used for a couple of years to create crop masks with sharp edges, as well as storing and using them for creating layer masks or simply for InDesign- clipping masks for another apps. It is very possible to create vector shapes of different kinds in order to obtain sharp edges, however, as a way to keep vector properties the files have to be saved in proper format such psd, .eps. When vector graphics are scaled, the edges remain crisp and sharp no matter the size.

One unique feature about vectors is that they are usually math based. This implies that they can be described by paths and points. In so doing, they become absolutely scalable and really valuable for making things such as logos. Most of the things made in Photoshop are pixel based. With regard to vector graphics, it is worth pointing that they can be easily scaled, though the edges will always remain crisp and sharp. This is notwithstanding of the size of the graphics. It is interesting to mention that most of the vector tools are significantly improved. Nonetheless, a special scenario occurs when working with type and logos. This demands that they be created in Illustrator, a vector-based program, and thereafter taken into Photoshop preferably as a Smart Object.